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Alexandria dentist

From an early age, we are taught to take good care of our teeth, gums, and mouth. Often this can feel like a chore, but when your diligence is rewarded with a beautiful, healthy smile, it’s easy to see why proper dental care is so important. Our patients of all ages will learn from our Alexandria dentist that proper dental care and hygiene can easily prevent future problems, such as cavities, gum disease, or tooth decay. Here at Alexandria Center of Dentistry, we are dedicated to creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles for every member in your family.

In an environment that is lighthearted and fun, we will establish oral health habits with you and your family that will last a lifetime. We believe in a preventative approach for one’s oral hygiene by creating and maintaining beautiful and healthy smiles, especially for our younger patients. Teeth, whether natural or with restorations, survive and thrive in an oral environment that is clean and hygienic. Our preventative program is designed to prevent new cavities, preserve restored teeth, and manage periodontal disease. At your initial visit with us, we will do much more than merely clean your teeth and gums. Our Alexandria dentist will perform a complete oral examination. This which includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) evaluation, and an analysis of your occlusion (bite). This ensures a thorough examination of your teeth, their supporting structures, and of the oral anatomy. Remember, healthy gums are just as important as your actual teeth. Routine teeth cleanings and dental care is an incredibly effective method in preventing future dental problems, such as gum, or periodontal, disease. We also offer dental sealants for our pediatric patients, which are plastic coatings that protect the chewing surface of a child’s back teeth from decay/cavities. Food and germs can get stuck in pits and grooves in the teeth. These sealants fill in the grooves, protecting the teeth from a child’s inevitable consumption of those sticky, sugary foods. Children can get them once their permanent molars come in, before decay attacks the teeth.

If you would like more information about any of the procedures that we offer or to request an appointment, please call our office. With the experience of our Alexandria dentist, we will do everything possible to ensure that your visit is a pleasant and comfortable one. We enjoy providing patients of all ages with the support, kindness, and exceptional services they need to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Let our family at Alexandria Center of Dentistry take care of the dental needs of your family.

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