CEREC crowns in Franconia

CEREC Crowns in Franconia

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Many people will need at least one crown in their lifetime. If you have crowns or may need a crown, you might already know that the procedure and planning can be time time consuming. When you need a dental procedure, the last thing you want to have to do is take more time out of your day for dental visits. At Alexandria Center of Dentistry, we offer CEREC crowns in Franconia, to give our patients a speedier option for their crowns.

A crown is used to cover a tooth, whether this be after a root canal, to cover a cracked or broken tooth, cover a weak tooth, cover an implant, or cover anchor teeth supporting a bridge. Getting a traditional crown can be time consuming because it takes multiple visits. A traditional crown involves several steps, and then the crown has to be created in a lab and sent back to the dentist’s office. Sometimes as many as three or four appointments are needed, and then a follow up. That time adds up. CEREC is different. CEREC crowns in Franconia are made in our office using state of the art technology. They are made of a solid block of ceramic or resin and can be made in a single visit. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown, taking impressions of your teeth for the permanent crown, and waiting for the turn around time to create the crown

CEREC crowns in Franconia are made using computer technology to take images of your teeth, and a CAD program to design the cap right there. That means our physicians can design a cap while looking in your mouth right there. We can make sure the cap matches your teeth in size, shape, and color. Also because it is made from a single block, it is considerably strong. Make an appointment today to start learning about how you can save time and frustration with CEREC caps at the Center of Dentistry.

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