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Dentist in Franconia

There’s no reason that your dental experiences should not be pleasant ones. Here at Alexandria Center of Dentistry, we have been working from that premise for over a quarter century by providing friendly, relaxed, gentle, and expert care with personalized treatment plans that acknowledge your unique situation, needs, and preferences. We are pleased to offer a variety of essential services to keep your teeth and gums strong, healthy, and looking their best.

An initial oral examination and teeth cleaning, with follow-ups every six months are the cornerstone of the outstanding care that our Franconia dentist provides. If you need a filling or dental crown to restore your tooth, that will be taken care of in a timely fashion. Replacement of whole teeth that have been lost is done with either bridges, dentures, or dental implants, depending on how many teeth you are missing, the condition of your gums and jaws, your time frame, and your budget, among other considerations. Root canals and extractions, while not desirable, sometimes are unavoidable. Fortunately, you can depend on our Franconia dentist to keep you comfortable and to maximize the already impressive chances of a successful outcome. Our office even has sedation available to ensure that you are relaxed and at ease. Cosmetic treatment includes teeth whitening for a bright and appealing smile. Orthodontics and periodontal treatments are also done. And with laser dentistry, you truly take enjoy the advancements of technology thanks to less drilling, fewer needles, quicker healing, and less chance of complications. Plus, we have not forgotten your child. Skilled pediatric care is a big part of what our practice offers.

For all of the above, and more, use the handy “request an appointment” button on our Franconia dentist website, or call us on the phone if you would rather. We will schedule a convenient time for you or your child to come in.

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