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Implants in Alexandria

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Replace Missing Teeth in Alexandria

Implants in Alexandria
Implants in Alexandria

If you have a missing tooth, or teeth, in your mouth, you may be wondering if you should have them replaced. There are many different reasons why you will want to have teeth replaced, including that your smile will simply look a lot better. However, there are also other important dental health reasons why you should have your teeth replaced. One important reason is that by replacing these teeth, it will keep other teeth from trying to move into the gap left by the missing tooth. When this happens it can result in a disruption in the natural alignment of your bite, and cause serious orthodontic problems. At our practice, patients find that dental implants are a great way to have missing teeth replaced because dental implants look, feel, and function just like permanent teeth. If you want to get dental implants in Alexandria, we hope you will contact us at our Alexandria Center of Dentistry for excellent dental implant care.

Our dentist who is highly trained in dental implantology is Dr. Mohamed Attia. Our dentist will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. He will need to check that your jawbone is thick enough and healthy enough to fully heal from the dental surgery, and to be able to securely hold the dental implant root in place. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for dental implants, our dentist will surgically insert a titanium dental implant root for each tooth that is going to be replaced. There will be a healing time of several months during which time the dental implants in Alexandria will securely fuse to your jawbone.

Once it is determined that the healing process has completed, our dentist will permanently attach a porcelain crown to the top of each dental implant root. At this point, your dental implants will be completed, and you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that dental implants in Alexandria have to offer. You will be able to eat in total comfort, without fear that the dental implants will loosen or embarrass you in any manner. Your smile will be fully restored and will look beautiful! And, if well taken care of with regular brushing and flossing, and with periodic dental cleanings, there is no reason why your dental implants will not last a lifetime. For an appointment to meet with our dentist to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants, contact us today.

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