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Teeth Whitening in Alexandria

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Common causes of teeth stains in Alexandria

Teeth whitening in Alexandria
Teeth whitening in Alexandria

It’s so easy to end up with stained teeth. Common causes include foods, beverages, tobacco, and even some prescription medication. Our teeth whitening in Alexandria can be done at our office, or you can opt for our equally outstanding take-home method. Either way, you can be sure of getting impressive results. Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious when you show your smile. Here at Alexandria Center of Dentistry, there is every reason to feel optimistic about the results you’re going to get.

It is natural to think that nutritious foods are always a good thing for you, but when it comes to some, like berries, they may have positive aspects, but one of them is not your tooth color. In addition, curry, soy sauce, and hard candies are among the foods that are known to cause teeth stains. When it comes to the things you drink, there are few people who don’t have either coffee, tea, or both on a daily basis. Red wine and cola also stain teeth. And it probably comes as no surprise to find out that smoking is a major contributor to losing teeth whiteness. But what is not always understood is that tobacco use in any form, even vaping, is not good for your teeth color. Furthermore, tetracycline is one of the most popular prescription drugs, and it can lead to changes to your tooth color. The good news is that none of that need be permanent. Our teeth whitening in Alexandria is designed to give you the desired outcome. And although those results will not last forever, you can get a year or even several years of white teeth before needing re-treatment.

There is every good reason to take advantage of our teeth whitening in Alexandria. Contact us to set up an appointment. You’ll be pleased with how much whiter your teeth can get.

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